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Integrated Annual Report

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Chairman's report

2011 was yet another challenging year for the Group as the world economic environment remained volatile in the aftermath of the 2008 global recession.

On an international level, economic recovery has been slower than expected which has impacted negatively on inbound tourism with direct repercussions for our hotels and resorts.

Joint report of the
Chief Executive
& Chief Financial Officer

2011 saw a comprehensive review of our strategy
and strategic initiatives. These were evaluated for
relevance in the light of changing market dynamics
and sustainability imperatives.

Key strategic imperatives

This integrated report is structured and reported on in terms of eight key strategic imperatives...

Corporate governance

The Sun International Group remains committed to compliance with the regulatory requirements of all the countries in which it operates, and particularly at an enterprise level, to sound corporate governance principles.

Protect our environment

Sun International remains committed to managing its impact on the environment and to meeting the standards of responsible tourism. To this end, the Group set ambitious targets for 2011.